How to apply

Complete and submit one of our application forms after carefully reading the appropriate grant guidance notes.  You can do this online or, if you prefer, download an application form and post it to us.

Please be aware that grant applications will only be considered when submitted using the correct application form. Applications from individuals should be accompanied by a letter of support from a person qualified to comment on the request and the need. As Gloucestershire Disability Fund does not carry out physical assessments, all applications for disability equipment must be supported by an assessment of need and suitability prepared by a qualified education, health or social care professional.

If applying for a grant to fund a piece of equipment, or for a service, please also include relevant quotations. We no longer offer grants for mobility scooters by may consider a “top-up” grant where another charitable trust has given the initial grant following a suitable assessment.

We accept applications made by an agency on behalf of a person with a disability but the application form must clearly indicate that the person has consented to the application being made on their behalf.

Because we wish to enrich the lives of as many people with disabilities in Gloucestershire as possible, only one grant application will be awarded from any individual or organisation/group within any 12-month period. If you know someone who might benefit from our grants, please pass on our details to them.

Approved grants will only be paid against invoices received by the Gloucestershire Disability Fund and payments will be paid to the originator of the invoice.

You also need to know that grants are not made for debts nor for the cost of care, general living or household expenses, including domestic cleaning or for services that should be provided by the statutory agencies. Since the beginning of 2021, we also no longer make grants for holidays or de-cluttering.  Well-being grants for moving costs may be considered where this enables an applicant to move to more suitable accommodation.

Popular information:

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Organisation/group grant

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