Grants for organisations working within Gloucestershire in the field of disability are intended to be one-off – long term or regular support is not available but you can re-apply for assistance after at least one year has elapsed.  We have criteria by which we assess applications for grant making into account the nature of request and the circumstances of the appeal. We will always strive to be fair and consistent.

Our practice is to limit grants to organisations/groups to £5,000 maximum. On rare occasions, this sum may be increased at the trustees’ discretion if they believe a larger grant will benefit more people, or the need is exceptional.

To be eligible for an organisation/group grant, the applicant must:

  • be principally Gloucestershire based.
  • be a bona-fide not-for-profit organisation or group.
  • have a turnover not exceeding £1 million.
  • have free reserves less than or equal to six months' operational costs.
  • provide a breakdown of costs relating to the grant and at least two quotations where appropriate.
  • provide evidence of their financial status and assets and confirm they have up-to-date GDPR/privacy and safeguarding policies in place.
  • agree to use any grant awarded for the purpose intended.
  • not apply for a top-up grant to support a state-funded service.
  • be willing to be interviewed/visited to discuss the application.

Read case studies of how our grants programmes have supported the work of community groups and not-for-profit organisations/groups working to enhance the lives of people living with disability in Gloucestershire.