1. The Gloucestershire Disability Fund can provide financial help to Organisations/Groups whose aim is to improve the lives of Gloucestershire people with physical, sensory or learning disabilities. Our charity is unable to fund organisations or groups whose primary aim is helping people with a mental illness. All grants are awarded at the discretion of the Trustees.
  1. The application must be from a bona fide charitable non-profit Organisation/Group and must be endorsed and counter signed by your chairperson (trustee) or senior manager.
  1. Applications must demonstrate how the grant will be used to enhance the lives of persons with a serious physical, sensory or learning disability.
  1. Please attach a copy of your most recent annual income and expenditure accounts. Also, you will be asked to confirm that you have Data Protection, Privacy & Safeguarding Policies and when they were last updated and approved by the trustees.
  1. Only one application will be granted in any 12-month period and the maximum grant available will not normally exceed £2,500.
  1. GDF will expect to receive quotations from suppliers where appropriate.
  1. Approved grants will be paid against invoices received by GDF from the applicant organisation or the supplier.
  1. GDF Trustees may wish to visit your organisation to get further information about your requirements and how the grant would be used.
  1. GDF may help towards start-up costs for particular projects but is unable to fund existing or future staff and/or running costs/mainstream operating costs.
  1. Meetings to consider applications are held the first Thursday of the month. Closing date for applications is eight calendar days before the meeting date. It may take up to five working days before you hear the outcome.