Marcus Renzi


Marcus Renzi refused to let a stroke at the age of 11 take away his sporting drive and ambition, despite being left partially paralysed. A keen would-be paralympian, he was inspired to take up his teenage hobby of shooting after watching the London Paralympics in 2012. But he had one huge barrier to overcome – the financial support to purchase a new air rifle, a Feinwerkbau 800.

Having taken part in the National Junior Games at Stoke Mandeville in 1997, Marcus had already proved his talent and determination to compete at a high level. The GDF trustees were keen to support the former National Star College student, and awarded him a grant so he could purchase a new air rifle.  The father-of-two has since improved his shooting accuracy and was selected to train with the GB talent squad at Stoke Mandeville.

Marcus, who likes to compete in the 10-metre SH2 air rifle event, is quick to acknowledge the support of the Gloucestershire Disability Fund.

“I have not got enough words to describe how thankful I am to the Gloucestershire Disability Fund. My new air rifle has helped me to make huge improvements as an athlete and enabled me to get selected to train with the GB squad.”