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A grant from the Gloucestershire Disability Fund has allowed a Gloucestershire dance company, made up of disabled and non-disabled dancers aged 11-21 years old, to receive valuable input from the mainstream dance industry.

The funding meant resident staff from GDance could bring in the help of an external professional choreographer to give their students a taste of different styles of dance, as well as the chance to start building a network into the industry at large. The guest choreographer highlighted the potential opportunities there might be for a career in dance, as well as its huge benefits simply as a leisure pursuit.

GDance dancers have since taken part in various dance festivals around the country, and have grown in confidence and experience as a result of the grant award.

“We are very grateful for the financial support provided by the Gloucestershire Disability Fund and were thrilled to see the dancers grow and develop with the support of external teachers,”

said Cath Wilkins, Director of GDance.

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